Introducing the +PlusBar: Pre-order today!

We are extremely excited to officially introduce to you the +PlusBar! Our Greens Plus superfood bars have undergone a complete and total packaging makeover. Rest assured, your favorite superfood bars have not gone anywhere. They have simply plus bar, protein bar, chia, energy bar, superfood, non gmo, gluten freepicked up a new name and a new look, while still providing the best nutrition and taste on the market!

What does this change mean for you? Be on the lookout next time you are in your favorite health food store. If the store does not carry +PlusBar, don’t be afraid to ask when they will start carrying or request that they bring them in!

Has the bar itself changed? While the majority of the base formulas did not change, we took the opportunity to make improvements where possible:

  • We updated our Green Superfood blend to the Advanced Multi blend in all bars.
  • Replaced soy protein with pea protein in the energy and chia bars.
  • Added chunky peanut butter to the protein bars to give the bar more character and substance. Due to the oils in the peanut butter this will also keep the bar softer for longer.

Other than these simple changes, the bars remain the same!

Bar RevealWhy the package change? We take your feedback very seriously. We often found customers telling us our bars would get lost on the shelf and they were hard to recognize sitting next to hundreds of other bars. +PlusBars are unlike any other bar you’ll find on the market. Our packaging now reinforces that no other bar delivers the nutrition of a +PlusBar.

Why the name change? Our superfood bars were given many different names by our fans, whether it was a Greens Plus bar, a greens bar, superfood bars etc. We all have our own names that can easily be remembered and recognized, so we felt the same needed to be said for our bars.

What are the symbols? The symbols were created to easily recognize each category, to show prominent ingredients in each bar and to give +PlusBars the touch of flare they deserve.

  • A lightning bolt to represent energy
  • A star to represent protein
  • A heart to represent chia

Pre-order your +PlusBars today and save $5 on shipping with code: PlusBar. Pre-order ends July 31, 2014 and expected ship date is August 1, 2014.

4 thoughts on “Introducing the +PlusBar: Pre-order today!

  1. Yes! Woohoo! I have been eating Greens Plus bras for years now, they always give me a great feeling of energy and fullness from their dense nutrition… but I was never a fan of the soy protein isolate, that stuff is just the worst. Pea protein is so much better, actually one of my favorite vegan protein powders (better than rice or soy, and close to hemp I believe… but pea protein tastes much better than any of those).

    Can’t wait to try these!

    Thanks for improving a product that was already great.

  2. Please contact me at the email mentioned above for any questions. I took two of your products for several years. When I was deployed I managed to escape the sickness that flows through an entire unit three to four times. Never sick for an entire year deployed in combat. Thank you for your dedication to wellness!!!

  3. Does this new formula (pea protein, etc…) change the flavor of the bars? The taste has changed considerably and not for the better. I am hoping it was a fluke. It was a box of chocolate energy bars.

  4. For years, soy protein was the best choice for bars due to its availability, stability and flavor profile, but new ingredient discoveries have led to better protein choices for consumers.

    Soy protein is a known allergen and the largest genetically-modified food crop in the world. Although we took the extra steps required to certify our soy protein non-gmo and identity-preserved the seeds from farm-to-market, we discontinued its use in Greens Plus Energy Bars just as soon as pea protein became widely available.

    Pea protein is just as rich in essential amino acids but is also more environmentally-friendly than soy, as it consumes a fraction of the energy, water and fertilizer.

    Since it is a new ingredient, the unique green flavor may take some getting used to. Once the taste becomes familiar however, we are sure you will enjoy it just as much as we do, knowing that it is better for both you & the environment.

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