A Form of Exercise to Fight Hunger

jumping rope, exercise, suppress appetite New studies from Japan suggest that vertical exercise movements, like jumping rope, fight feelings of hunger better than other forms of exercise.

Researchers studied 15 healthy men with an average age of 24. Their goal was to compare hunger levels while jumping rope, cycling and resting. Their new theory, called ‘gut disturbance’, suggests that the act of moving swiftly up and down changes levels of hormones in the stomach, especially levels of ghrelin which is released when the body craves food.

During the study participants either jumped rope for 30 minutes, rode a stationary bicycle or rested. The participants reported feeling less hungry during both the cycling and the rope skipping sessions, however they rated themselves as hungrier after the cycling session was over, while after rope-skipping they were less hungry.

The results suggest that vertical exercise movements such as jumping cause a greater ‘gut disturbance’ and may decrease the hunger hormone, ghrelin. Jumping rope is a great form of total body exercise and allows you to activate many muscles to coordinate your whole body working together. A bonus of jumping exercises is that they can be performed in just about any space and don’t require you to have a gym. My favorite place to jump is in sand! If you haven’t jumped since you were a kid, start slow and gradually build up your ability.

Always remember that consistent exercise is the best way to stay healthy. The best way to stay lean is to eat clean!

Dr. Travis Illian received his Ph.D. from the University of Alabama in Human Performance. He is certified nationally as a strength and conditioning coach and has published several scientific studies on Greens+ Products.

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