Is Fasting a Healthy & Safe Way to Lose Weight?

fasting, how to fast, is fasting healthy, eat less, eat better, eat healthyContrary to the modern era of instant gratification in which we live, the discipline of fasting is biologically programmed into our cellular DNA. Just like animals in the wild, humans evolved at a time when food was scarce, experiencing periods of both feast and famine. For this reason, our bodies respond quickly to fasting as it mimics the living conditions of our paleolithic ancestors.

The FastDiet Plan, by Dr. Michael Mosely and Mimi Spencer, introduces Intermittent-Fasting with 5 days of normal meals and 2 days of fasting every week. This is a modified version of the Alternating Diet where you eat normal meals every other day, and fast on the days in between. Dr. Mosely attempted the Alternating Diet with mixed success, as he found it hard to maintain the brutal schedule indefinitely, and proceeded to alter it for long-term and practical compliance.

With the 5:2 diet plan, it is unnecessary to completely starve oneself, as the simple addition of 500 calories (for women) and 600 calories (for men) on the fasting days primes the body’s metabolism and jump starts the fat burning process. This forces us to focus more on when we eat, rather than what, and allows us to continue to enjoy most of the foods that we love.

In addition to weight loss, the FastDiet is the easiest way to practice calorie restriction and realize the full anti-aging benefits conferred by this new science. Recent studies have shown that reducing calorie intake by approximately 1/3 activates sirtuin receptors in cells (the longevity pathway), enhances metabolic activity and helps protect the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

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Christopher Daniels is Executive Vice-President of Greens Plus. He studied Holistic Nutrition at the Clayton College of Natural Health and currently directs Superfood Research and Product Development.

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