Why You Need Superfoods for a Stronger Immune System

When we feel strong and healthy, we don’t even think about the hard work our immune system performs on a daily basis to keep our body balanced and free of sickness and disease. However in this day and age, with the ever-present risk of colds, flu and now the increasing danger of Ebola, we cannot afford to take our immune system for granted any turmeric, superfood, immunity longer.

What is immunity? And how does it keep us from getting sick?

Our immune system is composed of two parts: Innate and Acquired.

  • Innate immunity is inherited from our biological parents and ancestors. It rapidly responds to threats based on the genetic knowledge gained by previous generations and is passed down through our blood type. It consists of many different types of cells, including dendrites, macrophages and natural killer cells.

Innate vs Acquired Immunity

  • Acquired immunity is our unique response to new threats not recognized by our innate immune system. It slowly fights infections and malignant changes to DNA and helps to develop resistance for future generations. It also consists of several cell types, including B cells, T cells and antibodies.

These two groups of cells comprise our first line of defense against bacteria, viruses, parasites and cancer. In this never-ending fight against disease it might seem that we are powerless to help, but we can provide our immune system with the key nutrients it requires to mount a strong defense. Superfoods Boost Immunity

Nutrients that stimulate macrophages and natural killer cells of the innate immune system include carotenoids from d. salina, chlorophyll from chlorella, and EGCG from Japanese green tea.

Nutrients that stimulate T-cell and B-cell lymphocytes of the acquired immune system include resveratrol from wine grapes, vitamin c from camu berries, and curcuminoids from turmeric root.

While it might be difficult to incorporate these ingredients separately into your daily diet, they can all be found in one serving of your favorite Greens Plus product.

A strong immune system is the single most important factor for staying healthy and living a long and productive life. Help strengthen your immunity with the Superfoods found in Greens Plus.

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  1. Good afternoon,
    I have been using Greens Plus Extra Energy (orange flavour) for the past 7 or 8 years. It actually got me through my last several years in my teaching career and for the last 5 years as a care-giver to my parents. It honestly makes a big difference to my energy levels, though I have been concerned about the caffeine and taurine amounts… Recently, I found your website because it is quite expensive to purchase from Shoppers Drug Mart — my local drug store. Normally, cost is approximately $72 per container, though I normally purchase it at 20% off on seniors’ days or when there is a special. Your prices appear to be more reasonable. I’ve never seen any of the products I see on-line at the local drugstore, and the “extra energy” one is not listed on your site. If I were to purchase from your site, do the products you advertise contain the same energy boosting power as the “extra energy”? I would appreciate a reply to my question.

    Annie Taylor

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