Greens+ and World Harvest Missions

Greens+ and World Harvest Missions

For over 10 years Greens+ has had the honor of being able to give back by donating Greens+ powder to an amazing non-profit group called World Harvest Missions and New Life Childrens Home in Haiti. Started in 1977 by Mariam Frederick, World Harvest Missions has helped thousands of malnourished, diseased and dying people in Haiti by providing water, food, medical care, shelter and hope.

World Harvest Missions holds open air clinics in the mountainous regions where people come far and wide, walking for hours over the rugged terrain for help, suffering from every disease imagineable. Mariam and her team are able to give them the medical attention and food that they so desperately need. Greens+ is used as a healing catalyst to heal the malnourished and is able to be put into the feeding tubes of the sick who are too weak to eat.


World Harvest Missions has been able to build New Life Children’s Home in Port-Au-Prince, where over 100 orphaned children now have a home and hope for the future. World Harvest Missions also assists schools, feeding programs and medical care in the mountainous regions.

Please read more about World Harvest Missions by visiting They are currently working on building a water reservior and a hospital in the village of Pestel. Any donations you may be able to give to them are greatly appreciated.

Please see the beautiful letter we received from the Founder and Director of World Harvest Missions, Mariam Frederick. Mariam you are truly and angel on Earth.

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