Sam Graci visits Greens+ Vero Beach, Florida

Sam Graci, formulator of Greens+ and internationally-renowned researcher, lecturer, consultant and author came to the Greens+ Vero Beach office for a visit. He and his beautiful wife, Marie-Jose Graci spent a week with the Greens+ crew, inspiring and motivating us to lead healthier and happier lives.


Sam gave us a two hour dynamic presentation on the history of Greens+ and how it came into fruition. Some of the incredibly fascinating points of the talk were:


  • In the early 1940’s, many of today’s diseases like heart disease, cholesterol, and diabetes were essentially non-existent. The rate of cancer was only around 15%. Today the cancer rate is in the 80% range and the prior mentioned diseases are rampant in our society. Sam attributes this to the fact that we are consuming more acidifying foods today than we did back in the early 1940’s when foods were more pure and alkaline forming. We are 300 times more acidic than we were back then.


  • The most alkaline forming foods are organic spinach and organic raisins. Greens+ is 200% times more alkaline than these foods!


  • Soy lecithin is the “secret” weapon in Greens+. It is di-polar and fat soluble as well as water soluble so it can help to transport fat soluble vitamins in the body and it can also help to bond to bad LDL cholesterol and transport it to the liver where it is then able to be broken down.


  • Sugar is the MOST acidic food we can consume!


  • Table salt in high amounts is terrible for you! Canada is working to BAN table salt at the moment.


  • Coffee is actually alkaline but it must be consumed black. Coffee in moderation is ok to consume.


  • Stevia leaf (found in Wild Berry Burst Greens+ and in Orange Greensicle Greens+) is the ONLY sweetener that will not spike insulin levels in the body.


  • Greens+ is more effective at preventing osteoporosis than even Calcium!


Sam also touched on information that can be found in his latest two books: The Path to Phenomenal Health and The Bone Building Solution which can be found on

He will be joining the Greens+ Crew at the Expo West Show in Anaheim, CA from March 11th to the 13th. Stop by the Greens+ booth for a visit with him!

Thank you so much, Sam from the bottom of our hearts for your wisdom and inspiration! We are truly honored to be working for a company that believes so deeply in helping to positively change the lives of everyone so that we all can be healthier and happier!

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