An Important Message from Greens Plus: Japan, Radiation and Raw Ingredients

Due to the terrible tragedy affecting Japan, we want our valued customers to know of the important steps Greens Plus has taken to eliminate the potential for radiation exposure in our natural and organic products.

Map of Japan

Mt. Fuji Green Tea

We are aware that there is a serious danger to our food supply, and we have commenced testing of two key ingredients in Greens Plus: Japanese Green Tea and Chlorella.

The growing of Green Tea is concentrated in the central prefectures of the main Japanese island of Honshu, near Osaka, and on the southernmost island of Kyushu near Fukuoka.

Chlorella is grown on the island of Ishigaki, south of Okinawa and nearer to the coast of Taiwan than to the Japanese mainland. The relative distance of these locations from Fukushima significantly decreases the chances of radioactive contamination.

Chlorella Ponds on Ishigaki-shima

To be sure of this, we now require raw ingredient suppliers to provide independent, third-party radioactivity tests of every lot of Green Tea and Chlorella so that no ingredient with even trace levels of contamination will be used in any Greens Plus product.

It takes from 6 to 18 months for these ingredients to complete their growing cycle, be processed into powder form, and then ship to the United States. The ingredients used in products previously packaged by Greens Plus were imported in 2010 and are in no danger of contamination.

Our families take Greens Plus every day, just as yours do, so please be assured that Greens Plus will perform radiation testing of all raw materials coming from Japan, and at the same time continue to work with the Japanese people during these difficult circumstances, by supporting their economy and purchasing their proven-safe agricultural products.

Wishing you Abundant Good health,

Your Friends at Greens Plus

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