4 Ingredients to Look for in a Premium Green Superfood Powder

4 Ingredients To Look For In A Premium Green Superfood Powder

You eat fruit and vegetables daily and are conscious about what you’re putting into your body..but is it enough? Supplementing with a premium superfood powder can provide far more nutrients than you’re getting from your regular diet and can add many benefits to your overall health.

What puts the ‘plus’ in Greens Plus Advanced Multi superfood powders?

  • Vitamin D3
    • The miracle vitamin D3 is identical to the vitamin made by the human body from exposure to the sun. In the presence of vitamin D3, plant calcium is more absorbable and effective than calcium citrate.
  • Plant Calcium
    • Wild harvested on the coast of Iceland, Aquamin contains ionic ocean minerals that are absorbed and transformed into living cells, supplying bone-building calcium.
  • Organic Fulvic Acid
    • A rapidly-absorbed enzyme and antioxidant complex which aids in the production of energy.
  • Organic B Complex
    • From organic, Indian-grown guava, holy basil and lemon extracts. Organic B Complex plays an essential role in cellular health, metabolism and energy support. The human body requires sufficient quantities of B vitamins to produce ATP, the universal energy molecule.

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