Introduction to Bob Hall- Motivational Healthologist

My name is Bob Hall and I have been privileged to have been Greens+ “Ambassador for Health”, for nearly 20 years.
As a longtime self described, “Motivational Healthologist”, having interacted with thousands for many years, Greens+ has enhanced my life dramatically, as well as my family and friends.
My introduction was being sponsored by Greens+, as a competitive Race Walker in my 60’s, and I was astounded at not only my improvement in race times, but more so in recovery. Greens+ products have become my foundation for getting the most fundamental essential nutrients. Many longtime users I have spoken with all agree that their lives have been enhanced as well. Some of those folks were introduced directly by our co-founder, Lani Deauville. Lani, a quadriplegic at seventeen, due to a diving accident authored, ” LIFE IN THE LAND OF IS”, the amazing story of the worlds oldest living quadriplegic. This book has had an amazingly positive impact in understanding both courage, and the impact Greens+ had on her life, and has benefited so many.
Now in my 80’s, and especially during recent years,
my health challenges have been more than ever expected. Many Doctors have been amazed at my continued ability to overcome, and defy traditional approaches.
Company executives have asked me to share, not only the numerous benefits of our products, but the many additional approaches to optimal health that you may be unfamiliar with. This is truly a company that cares, and continues to enhance and improve all products as science evolves, as has been the case for so many years.
As an educator, and founder of a private post secondary technical school, we incorporated a Health Orientation Seminar for all students, to enhance there overall learning ability. The results were quite amazing.
Sadly we are really not as healthy a nation as we should be, and my hope is to share information with you to help change that, because we can.
I truly look forward to our journey together.

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