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At this time in the debate over HEALTH CARE, a few thoughts you may want to seriously consider. First let us separate Health Care and Health Insurance. Health Care is the responsibility of each one of us, regarding both ourselves and anyone else. Health Insurance is what we buy for the times of necessary routine maintenance and emergency medical care.

My take on the overall situation is the mislabeling of Health Care, which is in reality mostly Sick Care. So many people are being treated for medical issues that have been brought about by not taking preventive measures. To put this in perspective, Web MD MEDICAL NEWS REPORTED A FEW YEARS AGO THAT ONLY 3 PERCENT OF AMERICAN ADULTS LIVE HEALTHY LIVES.
Having a BODY MASS INDEX BETWEEN 18.5 and 25.
EXERCISING, (with at least moderate intensity) FOR 30 MINUTES OR MORE, 5 DAYS PER WEEK.

My wife and I are pleased to report that we are in the 3 percent category, with she being the same age as me, and on no medications. Well, we have at least one area covered, in that GREENS+ will take care of the necessity of fruits and vegetables, when consumed each day. It really is time for the remaining 97 percent to be introspective and take personal inventory as to lifestyle choices, and what steps to take to become healthier. Unfortunately, we have a long way to go, however, reality must set in, in the minds of anyone interested in a better approach to, QUALITY OF LIFE. We have become reactive as a society, and when faced with inevitable health challenges, especially those which could have been prevented, there are not always solutions, with unnecessary pain, suffering and even death. In my 80 plus years, I have never seen so many people needlessly suffering, generally from lack of knowledge, and thus making poor choices. It is very difficult to find schools that have even basic HEALTH classes. Only 33 percent of traditional medical schools now have rudimentary nutrition offerings during the training of physicians. When was the last time your doctor discussed your lifestyle choices concerning prevention? I have a saying,” SHOW ME YOU SHOPPING CART, AND THAT WILL BE A GOOD INDICATION OF YOUR HEALTH”. WE WILL BE COVERING MANY SIMPLE METHODS FOR IMPROVEMENT, THAT WE HOPE YOU WILL CONSIDER, AS THAT HAS BEEN MY MISSION FOR MANY YEARS.

Bob Hall–Greens + –Ambassador for Health —Motivational Healthologist.

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