Why Do I Need a Superfood Drink?

Superfood drinks are a popular addition to the health supplementation industry but do they deserve a place in your home?

The question of whether superfood drinks are necessary can really be split down into two parts: what are superfoods (and why do you need them) and why is it best to take them in drink/drink powder form?

What Are Superfoods (and Why do you Need Them)?

Superfoods is an umbrella term for a wide range of naturally occurring foods which contain either rarely found nutrients or are unusually rich in specific vitamins, minerals or other substances.

As such, superfoods can be consumed to meet a specific health need (e.g. rectify a deficiency) or to generally improve health across the board.

Depending on your chosen superfood drink, you can expect to access a whole range of powerful benefits. Here are just a few:

Better immune function:

Many of the ingredients regularly found in superfood drinks have a beneficial effect on the immune system. Look out specifically for drinks containing antioxidants (e.g. polyphenols, cis carotenoids and flavonoids) and also for those rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium. These minerals help the body to maintain an alkali environment, reducing the risk of inflammation.

Other ingredients you may not have associated with helping immune function include peppermint and, for chocolate lovers, the alkaloid theobromine, found in cacao.

Having a strong immune system has wider benefits than improving your own health. By limiting the spread of disease and reducing the load on health resources, you are actually doing your whole community a favor.

Body detox

If you are looking to cleanse your body from the inside, there are a number of ingredients, present in many superfood drinks, which are respected for their detoxifying properties.

For example, dandelion is beneficial for liver function, helping this vital organ to rid the body of toxins, while ‘broken cell wall’ chlorella – a type of green freshwater micro-algae – can bind to harmful heavy metals (e.g. mercury, cadmium and PCBs).

Bioavailable ingredients

One critical factor which is often overlooked by those looking to improve their health, is the bioavailability of the nutrients they are taking into their body. This is the amount of the nutrient that actually ends up in the bloodstream.

Just because a food contains a nutrient it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can use it. For example, it may be tightly bound with other molecules and pass straight through the digestive system with only small amounts absorbed. The top green drinks are designed to maximise bioavailability. For example, they may contain plenty of fibre or other ingredients which slow passage of the drink through the digestive system.

Why do you Need a Superfood Drink Mix?

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You might be wondering at this point why you can’t just collect the ingredients you need and prepare your own delicious and nutritious needs. Of course, this is perfectly sensible.

However, even the most conscientious consumer, with plentiful time for shopping, would struggle to source all of the different health-promoting ingredients found in the top rated green drinks. Even then, they would have to ensure that those ingredients were of high enough quality, in the right form and in sufficient quantities to provide the desired benefit.

In reality, most people have to fit their health needs around their working day or running a busy household. A quality superfood drink takes away all of the difficult sourcing, storing and preparation work and leaves you with the simple task of mixing up some powder.

A wide variety of nutrients in one product:

The best superfood drinks combine ingredients from a variety of sources, from superfruits, grasses and green foods to sea vegetables, algae and probiotic cultures. This means that each serving is packed with nutrients.

Depending on the specific blend of ingredients you choose, you will find a whole range of vitamins (including vegan sources of B12); phytonutrients; minerals; enzymes; fatty acids and proteins.

Convenience and flavor:

Superfood drinks bring together the health benefits of carefully selected nutrient-rich ingredients with the convenience of a fast food meal. Whatever your taste of the moment, superfood drinks make it so much easier to satisfy it while at the same time nourishing your body.

For example, if you like fruity flavours or are convinced by the many benefits of superfruits, for example the antioxidant properties of acai or vitamin C-rich acerola, you would choose a berry flavoured superfood drink containing these ingredients. Alternatively, if you prefer the taste of chocolate, a powder containing organic cacao may satisfy you. Either way, you will know that there are plenty of health-promoting ingredients within every serving.

Enhanced concentration

When you combine nutrient-rich ingredients into a superfood drink, you can focus on extracting the maximum goodness. As a result, the concentration of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients can be as much as seven times that of the equivalent natural source.

Special dietary considerations

If you have one or more special dietary requirements, this adds another level of inconvenience when shopping for healthy ingredients. To save health conscious consumers the hassle, some superfood drink producers, including Greenplus, ensure that their products are suitable for as many different diets as possible.

For example, many Greenplus products are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and non-GMO. We even sweeten many of our products with stevia, a natural plant which is 40 times sweeter than store-bought sugar.

Note: This whole section applies just as much to liquid superfood juices, smoothies and drinks as it does to superfood powder for drinks.

Choose Greenplus for the Best Superfood Drinks!

Of course, not all superfood drinks are created equal and, in a competitive industry, there is a temptation for some to cut corners. This is why it is important to check the specific ingredients and their quantities carefully before buying.

All of the ingredients mentioned in the sections above will be found in one or more of the superfood drink powders available through Greenplus. We cater for a wide variety of different tastes and dietary needs and provide detailed nutritional information on all labels, helping you to make an educated choice.

Try one of our high-quality superfood products and look forward to a future of better health and increased vitality.

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