Simple Ways to Introduce Superfoods into your Diet (and Boost Health!)

If you’re one of the many folk who know very well that they should be adding superfoods into their diets but somehow haven’t gotten around to it yet, this article is for you. It reminds you of the significant and life-enhancing changes you will experience and gives you a few ideas about how to take that initial first step.

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5 Key Benefits of Superfoods

Adding superfoods to your diet can transform your life, bringing you many different health benefits. Many of the superfood ingredients mentioned in this section are included in Greens Plus products.

Body Shape and Energy Levels

Every little bit helps. As soon as you start substituting unhealthy ingredients in your current diet with superfood ingredients, the process of change begins. For example, switching out sugar for organic stevia leaf, a natural sweetener, will reduce your calorie consumption.

Some superfoods are associated with increasing energy levels. One example is cinnamon bark powder, which is also used in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine for stabilizing blood sugar levels. With more energy you can handle more exercise and start improving muscle tone.

Over time, a reduction in fat levels and increase in muscle will dramatically alter your body shape – in a good way!

Immune Function and a Longer Life

Many superfoods have a beneficial effect on the immune system, helping us in the war against disease. One such ingredient is astragalus root which not only builds up our immune defences but also acts as an adaptogen, countering the immune system suppression which can often occur when we are stressed.

Many different types of superfood act as antioxidants. These help to reduce the damaging effect that particles known as free radicals have on our body’s cells. Superfoods with a high ORAC value (such as the camu camu berry) are particularly good at protecting us from free radicals.

The overall result is a body that is less susceptible to disease and damage keeping us healthier and happier for longer.

Improved Cognition and Mood

If you struggle to focus or remember things or you often feel lethargic or downright low, superfoods can help here too. Of course, having a fit physique and a healthy immune system is bound to make us feel a better about ourselves. However, superfoods such as the Madagascar vanilla bean have a direct effect on our brain chemicals, including the mood lifting neurotransmitter serotonin. Curcuminoids, the active ingredients in the well-known spice turmeric, are being avidly studied due to their benefits to the brain.

Efficient Digestive System

A well-functioning digestive system is critical when it comes to health and nutrition. After all, this is how the bulk of important nutrients make it into our bloodstream and cells. Fortunately, many different superfoods, from high pectin apple fiber and natural chlorophyll to sprouted barley malt, work to condition our gut, ensuring we get the most out of all the other nutrients superfoods can deliver.

Sexual Health and Interest

Many people downplay the effects that low libido and poor sexual performance can have on their mental health and relationships. Superfoods can bring back that spark by infusing us with more energy and stamina, better health and a more positive body image. However, some superfoods directly affect our levels of sexual arousal and ability. These include the ashwagandha root (Indian ginseng).

Having piqued your interest in superfoods again, the next step is for us to help you to take those first steps into changing your diet:

Finding Healthy Superfood Recipes

There are plenty of healthy superfood dinner recipes out there but if they seem too daunting you could always start simple. Take wheatgerm: this is a superfood packed with minerals (zinc, potassium, magnesium, etc.), high in vitamin E and a source of vegetable proteins, fiber and healthy fats. It can be store bought or grown at home. Better still, it can be easily added into your diet by sprinkling it onto soup or within salad dressings.

Interested in introducing iron, folate, Vitamin E, GLA and Omega-3 to your regime? Simply spread some avocado on to a wrap of your choice, add a teaspoon of organic spirulina and wrap it up for a tasty snack.

In fact, once you have identified a superfood you want to try out, just add it to ‘recipes’ in a Google search and you are bound to find some inspiration. However, there is an even easier way.

Fast Food for the Health Conscious: Superfood Drinks

Healthy superfood smoothies are a great way to benefit from a large number of superfoods in one serving. Better still, with Greens Plus superfood blends you don’t even need to go out and buy the individual ingredients.

We offer a wide range of superfood drinks in powder form, each catered to different tastes, diet types and nutritional priorities. We’ve presented a list of ingredients with each product description together with their health benefits. You will find that some ingredients are included in several different products so be sure to browse them all.

Superfood drinks are designed to suit the busy modern lifestyle where we simply don’t have time to scour the shelves of health food stores or visit dozens of specialists to accumulate the ingredients we need. You may decide you want to put in that extra effort but if it’s just a start you want to make, Greens Plus superfood drinks could be for you.

In many ways, getting interested in superfoods can lead to a kind of analysis paralysis. There are so many nutrients in each separate ingredient that choosing the right blend to satisfy all of our needs can be overwhelming – so we grab a hamburger and promise to work it all out next time.

Hopefully you now understand that it really doesn’t matter too much how you get started – as long as you take some positive action. The sooner you start taking that superfood goodness into your system, the sooner you will get to enjoy the benefits of a more toned physique, increased energy and stamina, improved immunity, uplifted mood and better relationships.


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