Superfoods to Help You Age Well

vanilla chai, superfood, anti aging, aging, well beingThe new Greens Plus Vanilla Chai Superfood is packed with high-ORAC spices that support brain function for aging well. Just one 8.9g scoop is the Antioxidant Equivalent of 29 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition to spices, the combination of herbs and sea vegetables help keep cells healthy as you age.

The most common neurotransmitters in the brain perform important mental, emotional and physical functions. These neurotransmitters, including Serotonin (common sense), Dopamine (joyful bliss), Acetylcholine (muscle activation) and GABA (relaxation), are produced and supported by the stimulating spices in Vanilla Chai.

Turmeric and Lecithin boost Dopamine and Acetylcholine levels which increase energy and enhance reaction times. Maca and Ashwagandha balances sexual hormones and offers Adaptogenic qualities for resistance to stress. Cinnamon supports GABA production to reduce anxiety and boost your confidence, while Pure Madagascar Vanilla Bean helps maintain the balance between Dopamine and Serotonin, which determines our overall mood and outlook on life. Combine all of this with sea vegetables, organic cereal grasses and superfruits, you just can’t beat our Vanilla Chai Superfood!

For a quick and easy treat mix one scoop of Vanilla Chai Superfood with 8 oz of almond milk, shake for a few seconds, and enjoy. Looking for a little more fill? Try our Almond Chai smoothie recipe:

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