Ingredient of the Week: Organic Red Beet Juice

Ancient Folk Remedy backed up by Modern Science

Beet Juice Cocktail

Red Beets (Beta vulgaris) were first domesticated in the Mediteranean as early as 2000bc, then introduced into the Middle East and Asia around 850bc. A cousin of amaranth, quinoa and spinach, Red Beet has been used as an herbal medicine by the ancient Greeks, Romans and medieval Europeans for digestive, cardiovascular and sexual health.

Most red fruits and vegetables get their color from anthocyanin pigments, beets however contain Betalain pigments, powerful antioxidants responsible for beet’s surprising health benefits, including detoxification, blood regeneration, colon cleansing and cardiovascular endurance.

Red Beets enhance endurance, used by World Class Athletes

Due to a powerful combination of betaine (from betalain) and nitrates, red beets stimulate the body’s production of glutathione and nitric oxide. These biochemicals dilate blood vessels and enhance oxygen utilization, resulting in significant increases in both strength and endurance. Recent studies of its positive effects on the cardiovascular system have given Olympians and world class athletes a powerful, readily available tool for increasing performance.

Greens Plus uses 100% certified organic beets, grown in the USA, carefully juiced and then freeze-dried to preserve the full spectrum of antioxidants and enzymes in this amazing Superfood.


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