Brands Hatch Raceway, London, England

Neil Primrose, drummer for the band Travis and LeMans racecar driver, recently competed in the Euro Martini Trophy Championship at Brands Hatch Raceway, as seen in these photos driving the Greens+ sponsored Lola T212. 

Neil Primrose - Brands Hatch Raceway

One of the world’s most iconic motor racing venues, Brands Hatch plays host to some of the most prestigious events in motorsports, including the British Superbike and Formula Two Championship. Brands Hatch is located 20 miles outside central London.

First built in 1971 by the UK’s first manufacturer of racing vehicles, the Lola T212 has consistently placed in top competitions. It sports a monocoque chassis, where the shell of the car carries the stress loads instead of an internal frame, and a four-cylinder Ford engine mounted in the rear.

Greens+ Sponsored Lola T212

Neil finished fifth in the race and is preparing his team to take on the grueling LeMans Endurance Classic early next year. In between races, Neil has been jamming with his band, Travis, and recording material for a new album.

Travis - The Invisible Band (Neil Primrose second from right)

Voted the Best British Group of 2001 following the release of the critically-acclaimed The Invisible Band, you can check out videos for the #1 singles ‘Sing’ and ‘Side’ here, and purchase on iTunes.

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