What are the FDA rules on Gluten-Free labeling?

gluten free, celiacs disease, gluten fda standardsWe’ve recently received an influx of questions related to whether or not some of the Greens Plus products are Gluten-Free. The FDA recently published an article that contains fast facts about the new policy. This is a subject we take very seriously at Greens Plus and we’d like to highlight these facts in relation to Greens Plus products.

  1. The FDA covers dietary supplements, such as Greens Plus, under the new Gluten-Free standards.
  2. After August 5, 2014 all products labeled Gluten-Free CANNOT contain, wheat, rye, barley.
    1. This is where the confusion comes into play with certain Greens Plus products. While most Greens Plus products contain Wheat Grass and Barley Grass, and some also contain Barley Malt, this does not mean they contain Gluten. Wheat Grass and Barley Grass contain no Gluten, as we harvest the immature, chlorophyll-rich grass before it begins to stalk and produce the Gluten-containing grain. Barley Malt is sprouted before it is malted, which changes Gluten into other phytonutrients required for growth.
  3. Companies will not have a specific symbol to identify Gluten-Free foods on their packaging.
    1. All Greens Plus products that are Gluten-Free will continue to have a label that states “Gluten-Free” on the front of the package. 
  4. Manufacturers are not required to test for Gluten.
    1. While this is not required, Greens Plus has tested our products and have certifications upon request. 
  5. The standard to be labeled Gluten-Free by the FDA must be LESS than 20 parts per million. (PPM) 
    1. The FDA adopted these standards based upon recommendations from scientific and medical communities. There are no analytical methods available that are scientifically validated to reliably detect Gluten below 20 ppm. Dr. Peter Green, director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, states “The 20 ppm is a scientifically determined level of gluten that has been shown to be tolerated by those with celiac disease.”

All Greens Plus products labeled Gluten-Free have been tested and have shown less than 20 PPM. We strongly recommend that anyone with a very sensitive allergen to Gluten reads the label before consuming. 

The following products are certified Gluten-free by the ABC Research Corporation by FDA standards (< 20ppm) due to the fact that NO gluten was detected.

  • Energy Bar Natural
  • Energy Bar Chocolate
  • Energy Bar Wild Berry
  • Protein Bar Natural
  • Protein Bar Chocolate
  • Protein Bar Wild Berry
  • Chia Bar Natural
  • Chia Bar Chocolate
  • Whey Krisp
  • Organic Superfood Energy Bar
  • Amazon Chocolate Energy Bar
  • Vegan Original Superfood Crisp
  • Vegan Peanut Butter Crisp
  • Vegan Blueberry Crisp
  • Organic Superfood Powder
  • Amazon Chocolate Powder

We welcome any suggestions and ideas on how we can better serve our customers. The safety of our customers is one our most important values and we will continue to remain transparent throughout our packaging.

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