Radiation Course Correction by Sally Byrd

Globally, we are increasingly challenged by both  natural and man-made disasters.  It seems as though they just keep picking up speed. Instead of giving up there is a lot that all of us can do and be good stewards of our God given bodies and to help our fellow neighbors with encouragement, education and prayer.

The tragedy of Japan is affecting all of us; panic and fear in the natural product’s world is increasing. Radiation protection is now the “hot” topic of conversation everywhere and we need to  protect ourselves and, at the same time, help our Japanese neighbors.

Americans are already surrounded by various sources of radiation. Aside from nuclear fallout, the  modern invasion of cell phones, computers, bluetooth devices, television, I pods, energy saving  light bulbs , watches, x rays, sun exposure and environmental toxins (from lawn fertilizers to kitty litter) are having unknown electromagnetic effects on biological organisms.
These  immune reducing elements are commonplace and we need a nutritional course correction  to live well within our modern society.

Growing up, my mom made sure we were eating hot peppers daily as color TV started appearing on the home front, then microwaves. She was a woman ahead of her time and immune health was at the top of her list. We were healthy, active kids and grew up with strong immunity and we still consume copious amounts of cayenne and habanero peppers as adults.  Curry powder soon followed in her salmon and  other fish entrees. As I grew older, went off to college and discovered Sushi and Indian food with their protective attributes. Paul Pitchford, the author of Healing with Whole Foods, has been one of my role models and favorite resources  for years with much credit going to the Asian culture and traditional health techniques.

America already suffers from  chronic hypo-thyroid conditions (30% of the population and growing) and iodine rich foods do help protect the thyroid. Since the thyroid provides over 200 functions with direct response to the brain, this gland is critical for optimum health and hormonal support throughout the body.

As natural food stores rapidly deplete their iodine supplements headed for Japan, Hawaii and the West Coast, please remember that everyone needs to protect their thyroid and increase the amounts of  protective foods in ones diet. Whatever you put into your mouth should be increasing your health, not adding to the toxic overload of so many everyday junk-filled habits.

If you don’t like sushi or eating seaweed (which is the best natural source of iodine besides sea water)  then taking a trace mineral supplement like Trace mineral drops or Quinone ampules in your daily water consumption is a great start . Other supplements would include  Sun Chlorella and Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina, both contained in Greens+. It’s very important to drink a green food supplement like Greens+ everyday to support whole body detoxification, energy levels, immunity, healthy aging and alkalinity. The ingredients in Greens+ provide  natural radiation protection in 3 phases:
1) Nutrient Saturation: Spirulina, Wheat grass and Dulse provide trace minerals, selenium and iodine, nutrients that are readily utilized by cells to prevent radioactive element absorption.
2) Free Radical Neutralization: Antioxidants including carotenes, Resveratrol and catechins from green tea neutralize free radicals caused by radioactivity.
3) Heavy Metal Chelation: Apple pectin fiber and chlorophyll bind to radioactive heavy metals and remove them from the body as waste.

In Continued health ,Sally Byrd

3 thoughts on “Radiation Course Correction by Sally Byrd

  1. I love greens plus. However, I have a low thyroid. Is the soy in greens plus harmful for me to be injesting? Also, I took greens for kids when I was pregnant. Now I am concerned after reading that soy can cause brain damage in infants. Please ease my worry.
    Thanks very much,

  2. Hi, wondering if the Japanese dulse is organically grown? Concerned about the Fukushima meltdown and consequential radiation in the air, water and food. We love your Greens bars and want to continue buying them.
    Thank you.

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