Licorice Root- Adaptogenic Herbal Extract

Licorice root (liquorice) has been used for several thousand years as an herbal transporter and is the foundation of Chinese herbal medicine. Its major component, 5% Glycyrrhizinic Acid, have been shown to induce interferon production and help sustain proper liver function. This leads to significant antiviral activities, as interferon binds to all surfaces and stimulates the synthesis of proteins that prevent viral infection. Licorice root prevents the suppression of immunity by stress, and displays antibiotic activity. Greens+ ® is both magnesium and potassium rich, to assist with licorice root metabolism and has a low sodium to high potassium ratio, which helps lower high blood pressure levels. Licorice root as well as vitamin C nourish and sustain proper adrenal function. Greens+ has 60mg of licorice root and extract per serving.

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3 thoughts on “Licorice Root- Adaptogenic Herbal Extract

  1. I have high blood pressure for which I take meds. So my naturopath took me off Greens Plus as it has licorice root in it that he says licorice can increase your blood pressure.
    I really miss it, as it gave me so much more energy. As well, I am losing my hair, and I believe I have read Greens Plus increases hair growth.

  2. The use of herbal products are used for the effective treatment against various diseases. These herbal products are also great for lowering of blood pressures.

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