European Bilberry

European Bilberry

The European Bilberry in Greens+® is 25% anthocyanidin pigment, a powerful phytochemical. These pigments have been found to have impressive effects on capillary micro-circulation. They alter the ability of fluids to pass through capillaries and improve their strength by reducing capillary fragility. This was dramatically demonstrated in an experiment in which bilberry flavonoids prevented changes in the permeability of capillaries in the brain caused by hypertension.

Bilberry is an inhibitor of platelet aggregation and helps to strengthen blood vessel walls, thereby reducing the risk of hemorrhage. Recent research also shows interesting effects on visual function, for which bilberry became very popular during World War II. During that time, British pilots reported a dramatic increase in night vision after consuming bilberry jam. French researchers in the late 1960s followed up on these reports, demonstrating an effective increase in activity of enzymesin the eye once bilberry was consumed. Additional research showed that bilberry extracts significantly improved dark adaption: the time it takes our eyes to adapt to darkness after being exposed to light. Greens+ contains 10 mg. per serving of European Bilberry.

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