American Ninja Warrior Finalist Joins Team Greens Plus

american ninja warrior Drew Drechsel, American Ninja Warrior Finalist, begins Greens Plus supplementation program, by Christopher Daniels

After clearing the latest obstacles, including the dreaded 14ft Warped Wall, Drew Dreschel is intensifying his bid to become the first American ever to achieve total victory.

American Ninja Warrior, now in its 5th season, is the US version of a Japanese competition that pits the fastest, strongest, most agile and fearless athletes on the planet for the chance to win $500k and join an elite group of only 3 men to ever complete the mother-of-all obstacle courses, Midoriyama.

At the recent final qualifiers in Miami, broadcast by NBC on August 12, Drew torched the field with the fastest time and earned his place in the American Ninja Warrior Finals in Las Vegas. There were dozens of punishing obstacles set in a brutal four-stage course, called Midoriyama, that push competitors endurance to the limit.

This is Drew’s third season and especially significant as he comes back to full fitness from a grueling knee injury sustained on the Japanese Sasuke course in 2011. We congratulate Drew on his attitude and determination and hope to see him at the top of Midoriyama soon!

Follow Drew at, check out his freerunning videos on Youtube, and watch American Ninja Warrior, Monday nights at 8pm on NBC.


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