The Importance of Pure Water

Tap Water – Contaminated with microorganisms, heavy metals and cancerous chemicals

Did You KnowIt may sound like a simple question, but what is pure water? How does it affect us? And what do we need to know to maximize its potential healing benefits?

America enjoys one of the best supplies of drinking water in the world, but we still drink tap water contaminated with bacteria and lead. Our drinking water is tested for more than 80 contaminants, yet nearly 10% of US water systems fail routine testing. To make matters worse, the EPA has approved more than 20 chemicals used in the disinfectant process, including chlorine, ammonia and plastic polymers, that are never completely removed.

The Human Body becomes the Ultimate Filter

Water is the essence of all Life on Earth. 75% of the human body is water and yet 75% of all Americans are chronically dehydrated. Dehydration is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue and is a multiplier of many disease conditions. The bottom line is this: We can survive only a few days without pure water.

When we drink unpurified water, our body becomes the ultimate filter, absorbing all bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and cancerous chemicals contained within. This is why a home purification system may be the single most important investment you can make to protect your family’s health.

Choose a multi-stage Purifier that removes Flouride, but retains Essential Minerals

While simple carbon filters will remove the most basic contaminants, disinfecting chemicals and heavy metals such as flouride require more expensive, multiple stage filtration systems.

Reverse Osmosis and Vapor Distilled systems are popular choices for what I call ultra-pure water, but during the process essential minerals and electrolytes required for human health are also removed. This ultra-pure water is taste-less and incapable of supporting life. In fact, drinking ultra-pure water everyday actually leaches essential minerals from internal organs and bones and compromises basic metabolic functions.

For maximum benefit, mix your Greens Plus in pure, living water everyday. To learn more, visit Living Water Purifiers.

To test your tap water, order a Watersafe Test Kit.

Christopher Daniels is Executive Vice-President of Greens Plus. He studied Holistic Nutrition at the Clayton College of Natural Health and currently directs Superfood Research and New Product Development.


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  2. Water is the most abundant substance in the human body. It is a component of virtually everything, except tooth enamel and bone. We are about 70% WATER, 25% PROTEIN and 5% MINERALS.

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