A Diet to Protect the Heart and Save Lives

From The New York Times: The Mediterranean Diet slashed cardiovascular risk factors by 30% in people who consume olive oil, beans, nuts, fish, fruits, vegetables and red wine on a regular basis. The findings, published on The New England Journal of Medicine’s Web site, were based on the first major Read more [...]

How to Count Calories and Burn Fat by Travis Illian, Ph.D.

A Simple calculation to determine your Daily Caloric needs Understanding how many calories your body burns daily will help you make wise decisions and get results.  If you want to lose body fat then you must consume 300-500 less calories than you need most days of the week. Here is a real Read more [...]

Great Greens+ Experiment results are in from ‘Lil Runner’

A little while ago, we sent blogger "Lil Runner"  some of our  products to try out. It was part of our Great Greens+ Experiment that people all over the country are participating in The results of her taste tests are in. Visit her post to learn how she, her husband and and others liked our WildBerryBurst, Read more [...]