Ingredient of the Week: Natural Vitamin E

Of the 8 types of Vitamin E, only Alpha-tocopherol meets the Recommended Daily Value The term 'Vitamin E' describes a family of eight antioxidants, including 4 Tocopherols and 4 Tocotrienols, each designated alpha, beta, gamma and delta. Of these 8 types, only Alpha-tocopherol is retained by Read more [...]

How Greens Plus Protects against Radiation

Provides 3 Phase Protective Action The nutrient-rich, High-ORAC ingredients in Greens Plus provide protection from environmental radiation through 3 important actions: Nutrient Saturation, Free Radical Neutralization and Heavy Metal Chelation. 1. Nutrient Saturation Radioactive isotopes, like Read more [...]

Greens+ Ingredients of the Week: Organic Barley, Wheat & Alfalfa Grass

There are two organically-grown cereal grasses (Barley & Wheat) and one lentil grass (Alfalfa) in Greens Plus. These young, tender sprouts are grown in the USA on certified chemical-free farmland and are carefully harvested, washed with ozone, dehumidified and micro-pulverized at temperatures below Read more [...]