Should I walk or should I run? By Travis Illian, Ph.D.

I really enjoy getting asked this question…should I walk or run?  Let’s start with some basics: General Training Rule: Start with simple and move to complex!  This is an easy rule that is often broken.  Take the time to master simple tasks.  If you have not been working out for a while, Read more [...]

Mak Takano Returns to Japan with Bantamweight Champion Bibiano Fernandes

Bibiano Fernandes defeats Yoshiro Maeda, maintains winning 13-3 record    Congratulations to Bibiano Fernandes, and his friend and MMA advisor Mak Takano, for winning his second bout since becoming Dream Bantamweight Champion in 2011. The event, Dream 18 & Glory 4 held at the Saitama Read more [...]

Marco Borges to sign his new book for Greens Plus at Arnold Fitness Expo

Greens Plus will proudly host Marco Borges, fitness trainer to top celebrities and athletes, at a signing of his new book, POWER MOVES, at the Arnold Fitness Expo at the Columbus Convention Center. A world-renowned exercise physiologist, Marco has spent the past 16 years teaching people how to Read more [...]