MMA Trainer Mak Takano Swears By Greens Plus

Takano training former Olympic wrestler and Pro MMA fighter Kazuyuki Miyata

Mak Takano has been training pro-athletes and non-athletes alike for holistic health for the past 30 years. For 15 of those years as a Physical Fitness, Strength and Conditioning Trainer, he has also been an avid user of Greens Plus products.

Takano says, “I have trained many different athletes from different sports, but Mixed Martial Arts is one of the most physically demanding sports. Also, due to its popularity in the past 6 to 8 years, I am seeing more athletes wanting to compete in the sport, as compared to back in 1994, when I first started training in MMA.”

Bibiano Fernandes, five time World Jui-jitsu Champion, winning DREAM MMA World Featherweight Belt

For optimum health and due to the vigorous impact of MMA training, which consists of different forms of martial arts, including boxing, muay thai and juijitsu, as well as strength and conditioning training, Takano knows it is essential to use the very best nutritional products. He customizes each program based upon the needs of his athletes and clients.

Takano uses the same principles in his own program, which he shares with us.

  • Upon waking, Takano drinks his Greens Plus Powder. He chooses Orange or Berry for extra Vitamin C, and takes it before breakfast for better absorption of all the greens nutrition. He says, “Greens Plus powder gives total balance of natural multi-vitamins, anti-oxidants and intestinal health.”
  • An hour before each training session, he takes Greens Plus Thermo-Greens, which contains acetyl l-carnitine, Japanese green tea extract, cocoa bean extract and green coffee bean extract. Takano uses Thermo-Greens for its “fat-burning effect and natural caffeine.”
  • To sustain hydration and energy during training, Takano uses Chia seeds and natural apple juice. For low blood sugar, he recommends Greens Plus Energy Bars or Omega 3Chia Energy Bars.
  • Immediately following training, he drinks another round of Greens Plus powder, this time adding Greens Plus Resveratrol. He values Greens Plus Resveratrol for its Vitamin C, MSM and grape seeds, which aid in muscle and joint recovery.
  • Between meals, Takano reaches for Greens Plus Chocolate-coated Peanut Butter Protein Bars. He says, “It’s the optimum snack. It’s the best and healthiest protein bar on the market.”

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2 thoughts on “MMA Trainer Mak Takano Swears By Greens Plus

  1. As a spin cycle instructor at the local YMCA, and avid fitness / wellness enthusiast, I too am often using Greens+ to fuel my day! Especially when I am crunched for time between workouts and my next job – their bars are a very satisfying, healthy bite!! I’ve told friend after friends about Greens+…having tried so many health food bars out there, I can truly say these are AMAZING!!!

  2. This a great article on using fitness supplements. Supplements suggested here are indeed great and much helpful. Mak Takano will never endorse something not so worthy.

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