The Next Great Greens+ Experiment



Welcome to the Great Greens+ Experiment #2. Just as triathlete Stacey Lane completed the inaugural experiment on her blog, attorney Aimee in Pittsburgh signed up for her own challenge. For the next month or so Aimee will be writing occasionally about our products on her blog, The Healthy Lawyer.  We will follow her progress on this blog. Here is how Aimee began the experiment:

A few months ago, I picked up some Greens+ bars from Whole Foods, because they looked like a good item to take on vacation with me, in case I wasn’t getting my usual amount of fresh produce. One serving of Greens Plus delivers the equivalent of 4 to 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. I was pleasantly surprised by the bar and emailed Greens+ to compliment them on their product.

My plan is to challenge myself for 1 month to try to have some form of Greens+ at least once a day and see if I feel like I have more energy and glowing skin. I’ll keep you posted on how I’m using Greens+ and what I think of the Orange Greensicle, because I haven’t tried it yet.

We look forward to Aimee’s updates on her experiences with Greens+. Here is a picture that she has posted on her blog.

And here is a photo of Aimee in New York with actor Seth Rogen. Cool!

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