Great Greens+ Experiment #1

Stacy Lane has completed the first-ever, Great Greens+ Experiment. For several months, Stacy — a dedicated triathlete who is very conscious of food and nutrition — tried our bars and Wild Berry Burst powder. She announced the experiment on her blog, Eating to Live Love Laugh Tri.  Stacy updated everyone during June and July and recently finished all the items

The final verdicts: The energy bars were addictive, Mel and H liked the taste of Wild Berry Burst better than Stacy; and all products gave Stacy more energy and a feeling of a better health. For a complete review in her own words, please visit her blog.

Thank you Stacy for sharing your time and thoughts. Good luck with running, biking, swimming and healthy eating.

If you are blogger and would like to conduct your own Great Greens+ experiment, add a comment labeled “private” telling us about your blog and how healthy, nutritious foods fit into your lifestyle.

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